Will drinking your wife’s milk break your nikah?


One mature man intentionally drank his wife’s milk (breast milk). His wife was careless and poured her milk in his food and the husband ate the food. Will this effect his nikah?


It is haram to drink or make a person drink this milk. However it has no effects on the nikah.

And Allah Ta’aalaa knows best.

(Hazrat Faqeehul Ummat Mufti) Mahmoo Gangohi (May Allah have mercy on him)

The answer is correct.

(Mufti) Saeed Ahmed  (May Allah have mercy on him)


(Mufti) Abdul Lateef  (May Allah have mercy on him)

(Fataawaa Mahmoodiyyah 17/507 New Maktabah Mahmoodiyyah Edition)



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