Scientific Benefits of Wudu


It is not allowed to spread unverified messages about our religion for the purpose of inviting people towards Islām, or for motivating Muslims. The main problem  with these type of messages is that it lacks any authoritative references to any of the statements it makes. Statements like: “A heart specialist says”, “A pakistani physiotherepist”, “A doctor attended” are typically in the order of: “Some unknown person said such and such”. Furthermore, science is a continuous process of research that can and will continuously change its academic stance on things. Today they may advocate the most amazing benefits of Wudhu to only discard it tomorrow. Also note that we are not the only people trying to seek out amazing scientific facts about our religion. Hindus also like to make claims about the amazing health benefits of drinking urine for instance

To conclude, it is not be permitted to spread information that is bereft of any backing from any authoritative source. If it is backed up then there is scope to spread such information.

And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best

Khalil Johnson

Checked and Approved by,

 Mufti Ebrahim Desai

[This answer may be applied to all other such scientific research. As Muslims we believe that every single command of Allah is full of wisdom and benefits whether we can perceive them or not.]

Ibn Suleman

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