Reciting Wudhu Duas in an Attached Bathroom and Toilet


In an attached toilet where there is a sink and bathroom, how do I read the Duas for Wudhu?

Answer: حامدا ومصليا ومسلما

Regarding this matter there can be various scenarios with different rulings which are mentioned below;

  1. If between the toilet and sink/bathroom tap there is some sort of barrier or partition, including a closed shower curtain, then the toilet and bathroom will be considered two different places, hence it will be permissible to recite the Duas of Wudhu verbally on condition that one is clothed and there is no impurity or its stench in the bathroom area.


  1. In the case where there is no barrier or partition between the toilet and sink/bathroom tap:

a. If there is no visible impurity or its stench in the area –for instance, the lid of the toilet is closed- then one may still recite the Duas verbally on condition that one is clothed.

b. If any impurity or its stench is present in the area, then one must not recite the Duas verbally; rather, read them in one’s heart.

And Allah Ta’ala knows best.

Muhammad Suleman Chothia

Checked and verified by Mufti Muhammad Mahdi

وتحصل بكل ذكر … ( قبل الاستنجاء وبعده ) إلا حال انكشاف وفي محل نجاسة فيسمي بقلبه (الدر المختار مع الشامية 1/241 رشيدية

قوله ( إلا حال انكشاف الخ ) الظاهر أن المراد أنه يسمى قبل رفع ثيابه إن كان في غير المكان المعد لقضاء الحاجة وإلا فقبل دخوله فلو نسي فيها سمي بقلبه ولا يحرك لسانه تعظيما لاسم الله تعالى (رد المحتار 1/242 رشيدية

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