Salah behind one who practices Bidah


Can you pray behind someone who does tazeem and maulood?



بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

حامدا ومصليا ومسلما

Ta’dheem and Meelaad celebrations as is in vogue today are practices which are foreign to Deen. Hence, since its inception the Ulamaa-e-Haq (upholders of the truth) of every era have classified it as a Bid’ah (innovation in Deen). It is Makrooh Tahrimi (highly reprehensible) to perform Salaah behind one who practices Bidah (innovation in Deen). However, if there are no other Masaajid close by, then it is better, rather more important to perform Salaah in congregation behind this Imam than to perform Salaah alone.

If the Imam’s creed constitute kufr (disbelief) or shirk (ascribing partners to Allah Azza Wa Jall), then it is not permissible to perform Salaah behind him. However, this will be the ruling if the Imam has admitted to such beliefs. If one is not positive that the Imam has such kufri or shirki beliefs, then Salaah would be valid behind him even though makrooh tahrimi.

And Allah knows best.

Muhammad ibn Suleman Chothia

Reviewed and Endorsed by Mufti Muhammad Mahdi


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