Dua in the Last A’sharah of Ramadhan: Mufti Ahmed Khanpuri

Below is the translation of Part 18 of the Dua which the Remnant of our Akabir, the Sublime Spiritual Leader, Sultaanul Aarifeen, the Grand Mufti, Allamah Mufti Ahmed Khanpuri (May Allah preserve him) regularly makes at the time of Tahajjud, after Taraweeh in Ramadhan and on Jalsah occasions. He starts off with many Arabic Masnoon duas. Below are his personal words.

O Allah, the blessed month of Ramadhan is almost over. O Allah, the a’sharah of mercy has passed. We did not do any such action which would make us eligible for Your mercy. The a’sharah of forgiveness also passed, but we did not do any such action through which we could be forgiven. O Allah, this a’sharh of emancipation from Jahannam is almost coming to an end, O Allah, issue the verdict of mercy, issue the verdict of forgiveness and issue the verdict of emancipation from Jahanam for us. O Allah, You forgive hundreds of thousands and millions in this month, include us amongst them also.

O Allah, free our necks, the necks of our parents, the necks of our families and dependents, the necks of our brothers and sisters, the necks of their children and grandchildren, the necks of our kin and relatives, the necks of our teachers and mentors, the necks of our friends, supporters, well-wishers, associates, sympathizers, dear ones, the necks of those who told us to supplicate for them or wrote to us or hoped that we supplicate for them, or those who have rights over us, and the necks of all the believers, male and female and all the Muslims, male and female from Jahannam.

O Allah, if You do not forgive us then we will become liable to the bad Dua of Your close angel, Gibraeel and the Aameen of Your Beloved (صلى الله عليه وسلم). And then, O Allah, we would not have any place to go. O Allah, have mercy on our condition.

O Allah, surely by You, the bad people are forgiven due to the righteous ones. When You award those servants of Yours, whose worship and actions You are pleased with, then also award us along with them.

O Allah, grant us the worship of the Night of Power. Protect us from neglecting this blessed night. Deal with us through Your fadhl (virtue).

O Allah, we remained in the Masjid in E’tikaaf. We remained under Your protection. You granted us the divine ability to take Your Name by Your fadhl (kindness). You granted us the divine ability to recite the Pure Quran. You granted us the divine ability to stand in Tarawih. You granted us the divine ability to listen to the Pure Quran. You granted us the divine ability to fast. You granted us the divine ability to perform e’tikaaf. We were not deserving that these actions emanate from us. You were the One who, through His fadhl (kindness), caused us to do these actions. O Allah, the same way we are weak, our actions are also weak. The same manner we are incomplete our actions are also incomplete. O Allah, deal with us with Your fadhl (kindness). Accept these broken actions from us.

When the blessed month of Ramadhan ends, and we exit the Masjid and return to our old environments, we do not know what type of trials and test we will be faced with. Help us at that time. O Allah, guide us. O Allah, steer us. Ease our difficulties. Assist us fully. Grant us the divine ability to obey You.

O Allah, accept our presence here. This series of Khanqaah was established by the connection and guidance of our elders, Your righteous servants, Hazrat Shaikh and Mufti Sahib (رحمهما الله). Grant both of these elders a good reward on behalf of the entire Ummah. Elevate their status. Where ever this series is established in the footsteps of these elders, accept all of them and grant them splendor. Make these Khanqahs a means of rectifying our hearts.

Accept every single individual that attended this Khanqah. Those who came for the entire month, accept them and those who came for even a moment, accept them as well. Grant all Your special closeness (qurb). Those who came for Your sake, bestow upon them the true connection with Your High Being. Fill each and everyone’s heart with Your love. Endow them with the light of Your connection. Shower us with Your special virtue (فضل).

O Allah, grant the best of rewards to those who served the guest, who stayed at the Khanqah, and who acquired the nobility of hosting in whatever manner. They sacrificed their recitation and tasbihaat and gifted themselves to those who came (to the Khanqah) for Your sake. O Allah, the rewards You granted those who worshiped, give these servants far greater rewards than that. Grant them the best rewards on behalf of us and the visiting guest.

O Allah, those who recited the Quran for us in the different a’sharahs, infinitely accept them and pour the anwaar and blessing of the Pure Quran in the lives of their progeny. Shower all with Your special fadhl (virtue). Be pleased with all.

Aameen Ya Rabbal A’lameen.

[Dua Aise Mange (Supplicate in this Manner) Pg.32-35]

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The pdf of the original Arabic and Urdu Dua is available here.

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