Final Part of the Dua: Mufti Ahmed Khanpuri

Below is the translation of Part 19 of the Dua which the Remnant of our Akabir, the Sublime Spiritual Leader, Sultaanul Aarifeen, the Grand Mufti, Allamah Mufti Ahmed Khanpuri (May Allah preserve him) regularly makes at the time of Tahajjud, after Taraweeh in Ramadhan and on Jalsah occasions. He starts off with many Arabic Masnoon duas. Below are his personal words.

O Allah, whichever servant of Yours has told us to supplicate for them, written to us or have the hope that we supplicate for them, do fulfill all the permissible wishes of every single one of them.

O Allah, whatever good the Nabi Akram (صلى الله عليه وسلم), the respected Prophets (عليهم السلام) and Your righteous servants have ever asked You for, grant all to us and the entire Ummah. And whatever evil and bad they sought Your protection from, then fully protect us and the entire Ummah from them.

O Allah, whatever dua was made in the blessed month, whether on an individual basis or in congregation, whether in Salah or out of Salah, O Allah, grant all the supplications the nobility of acceptance.

O Allah, our representatives and those righteous servants who went to the blessed Haramain, grant us a share in their supplications and grant them a part in our supplications.

O Allah, accept our supplications simply through Your fadhl (kindness) and karam (generosity) and through the love we have for Your Beloved Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم).

O Allah, our hands are lifted in front of You, Your treasuries are filled, and O Allah, our hearts are filled with wishes which are not coming on our tongues. But O Allah, You know very well the conditions of the hearts. O Allah, Your beloved has informed us that when hands are lifted in front of You, You feel ashamed in returning them empty handed.

وفي النفس حاجات, وفيك فطانة

سكوتي بيان عندها وخطاب.

In our hearts there are needs, and in You there is such an insight

That my silence is a lecture and a speech.

O Allah, You know well this silence of ours. O Allah, whatever we asked for, give us also. Whatever we missed asking, give us also. Until today we were given without asking or deserving. Still grant us from Your treasures. Until today we have never been deprived by asking You, don’t deprive us today or in the future.

O Allah, if such a big gathering was to go to a generous person’s door at this time of the night and ask for two small shells, then surely he would not say no. O Allah, You are the Most Generous of the generous ones, the Benefactor of the benefactors, O Allah, Your treasuries are filled, You give without being asked, You are displeased when not asked, whatever was asked for are nothing in comparison to Your treasures, O Allah, fulfill all of our needs and necessities. Bestow all with all.

O Allah, at this moment those who have requested us to supplicate for their goals, O Allah, You are well aware of all their requests, bestow all with Your fadhl (virtue).

O Allah, simply accept our supplications through Your fadhl (kindness) and karam (generosity).

Dua End

Aameen Ya Rabbal A’lameen.

[Dua Aise Mange (Supplicate in this Manner) Pg.36-37]

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The pdf of the original Arabic and Urdu Dua is available here.

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