Will a Woman be Cursed by the Angels for Exposing her Hair and Head at Home?


It has become famous that the Angels curse those women who walk around their homes with their hair uncovered. Is this correct? What is the evidence for this from the Quran and Sunnah?

Answer: حامدا ومصليا ومسلما

There is a wide spread misunderstanding concerning this issue. Scholars of the Indian sub-continent have made similar statements; however, these statements were in reference to a particular situation. In some areas, many families live together where women would live under the same roof as their brothers-in-law and male cousins. In such a case, if a woman was to expose her hair in front of these non-mahram men, even if it is in the house, then she would come under the curse of Allah Ta’ala, the Messenger ﷺ and the Angles, as mentioned in the following Hadith.

It is narrated by Abdullah ibn Amr رضي الله عنهما as part of a lengthy Hadith, that the Messenger  ﷺ said, “Their women are dressed yet naked. Upon their heads are like the humps of skinny camels. Curse them because they are truly the cursed ones.”

[Collected by Ahmed[1], Ibn Hibban[2] and others. Haithami said, “The narrators of Ahmed are those of the Saheeh.”[3]] (May Allah have mercy on them.)

not present. However, the ruling will not apply in this situation. It will be permissible for a woman to expose her hair and head if non-mahram men are not present in the house. In such as case, the Angels will not curse her. Rather, if a wife is alone with her husband in the confines of her home, it is advisable that she dresses in a manner which is attractive to him.

The awrah or private area which is binding on a woman to conceal, even within the confines of the home will differ from situation to situation.

  1. If she will be in the presence of non-mahram men and non-Muslim women,then it is binding on her to cover her entire body including her head and hair.
  2. If she will be in the presence of only mahram men or other Muslim women, then she is allowed to expose her head and hair as well as her entire hands and feet until the knees.
  3. If she is alone or with her husband, then even though modesty is best, it is not binding on her to cover any part of her body. There will be no curse on her. However, it is reprehensible to remain in a state of undress for long periods unnecessarily.
    Note: The topic of discussion is a woman exposing her hair within the confines of the home. For further details on concealing one’s Awrah and Hijab outside of the home, see

And Allah knows best.

The following fatwa of Hazrat Mufti Ismail Kacholvi sahib (May Allah preserve him.) clarifies this issue:


Are women allowed to walk around bear-headed in their homes? A person is saying that the Angels curse those women who walk around bear-headed in their homes. Is covering the hair in the ruling of satr [awrah] (the private areas which must be concealed)?


It is binding on both males and females to cover their awrah (private areas set by Shariah). The boundaries which a woman needs to conceal are broader. A necessary part to conceal for her is the hair of her head. If a woman does not conceal her awrah then the Angels curses her. However, a lot of leeway was given with regard to her husband. Therefore, if a woman is alone with her husband where a non-mahram man will not see her, like in a house which (the inside) is concealed (from outsiders), then the woman may remain bear-headed and this would not be included in the curse (stated in the Hadith). However, in our locality, caution is not adopted,[4] this is why, a woman should not remain bear-headed in her home as well. And Allah Ta’ala knows best.

(Hazrat Mufti) Ismail Kacholvi (May Allah preserve him.)

Fatawa Deeniyah Vol.5 Pg.73-74

Also see here.

[1] Vol.2 Pg.223

[2] #5753

[3] Vol.11 Pg.437 Its editor, the muhaddith, Shaikh Salim Asad Daarani classified its chain as sound.

[4] Unfortunately, in certain areas people barge in homes without seeking permission first. Due to this abominable practice, women should be aware of their surroundings and take precautions. Similarly, in many homes in the West, there are large glass windows and doors, through which people can easily see in the homes. Caution should be taken in covering them with a curtain, or hijab would be essential in those areas.

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