Should I Please my Mother or Wife?


If, in the absence of the husband, his mother takes a lot of work from his wife and criticises her without any fault and sometimes it is like this, that it is not permissible in Shariah, such events also occur. Her husband listens to everything. However, if he goes to stop his mother, then everyone pounces on him. His mother says that you have become hers and you do not obey my orders. He does not want to displease his mother. So, since her husband is in such a situation, what should he do?

Answer: حامدا ومصليا ومسلما

It is not permissible to obey one’s parents in matters that are impermissible in Shariah. (تعديل حقوق الولدين, رساله امداد الفتاوى 4:484)

Such things happen due to ignorance of the laws of Shariah. The husband should fully inform his parents about them (the laws of Shariah).

And Allah Ta’ala knows best.

(Hazrat Mufti) Ahmed Khanpuri (May Allah preserve him.)

Mahmoodul Fatawa Vol.4 Pg.786-787

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