Pray, Child

Facing the kabah, the boy stood
While, from his eyes, tears poured
His body was as motionless as wood
Full of awe for his majestic Lord

He recited the Holy Word
Brought by the trusted angel
To one pure in deed and thought
Let peace upon them both be poured

He read about the fire of Hell
Full of pain, full of flames
A hot home for those who forgot
And over His signs pondered not

A shiver of fear wracked his soul
Earnestly, he begged his Lord
O the Most Forgiving, forgive us!
Protect us from this, O Protector!

He read about the place the pious dwell
A place of bliss and suits of fine brocade
A place of health and youth eternal
Not sickness, nor old age

Full of longing, he prayed
Lord of the East and the West
Who raised the heavens above
Who spread the earth below
Lead us through its gates
Let greetings of peace
upon us flow

He read about God’s select
Noble, strong in body and mind
Patient in the face of tribulation
Wise, compassionate, and kind

He read about his Lord who has no peer
Who wasn’t born, who does’nt give birth
With a heart full of hope and fear
he fell to the earth

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